Reunion 2014

This reunion was held on 11 October 2014 at the Masonic Hall, Southport and enjoyed by all who attended.

The Hall has a capacity to cater for 120 people, tickets at only £5 per head including a buffet, only 65 were present.

During my speech I explained that this year’s reunion was subsidised by the Birkdale Trust for Hearing Imparied Ltd, this included the purchase of a loop system for our future events and for any other hearing impaired organisation to utilise.

With this grant the cost of the buffet was £12.75 per head which enabled us to bring the ticket price down to £5.00 per head making it affordable for the majority of people. As it turned out the response did not reach our target to fill the hall.

It was mentioned to me that the 18-30 group where not there. The only answer to this is that we didn’t know where they were. The committee has tried to encourage participation from all ages. In the past (1999) we organised a reunion just for this age group at their request and was told it would be a big success. Unfortunately only approximately 40 people turned up. Due to the low attendance at this event we lost a large amount of our budget, but we endeavour to try and encourage them to attend.

A note for future events, when ordering tickets all cheques must be made out to Birkdale Reunion Association, not to any of the individual committee members. A stamped addressed envelope is also required to ensure your tickets are sent back to the correct address.

The committee have given up a lot of their time and hard work to organise this reunion. I personally can’t thank them enough. I hope you share the same view.

Billy Lamont
6 November 2014

Photos from the Reunion sent in by Ray Wilson



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