Online history

December 1998

The School website began in March 1997, and was originally developed by Mr Eric Kells. When Mr Kells left, Mr Mike Davis took over responsibility for updating the site.

After a year online, in March 1998 the site recorded one of its highest hits with 3,505 visitors logging on!

April 2000

The address was originally at as this was where the pages were stored.

This website address was later changed to as the pages were moved to servers at Liverpool University.

January 2002

In January 2002, a company called Interactive Dimension took over producing the website, and gave it a fresh new look. The company was already working on the School’s prospectus, so the design of the site closely resembled the look and feel of this publication.

The name was also changed to the much simpler, and for a while users logging onto the old address were re-directed to the new one.

Press release – October 2003

The site content was taken offline in October 2003, leaving a ‘Press Release’ given by the Chairman of the Governors, Mr Denis Hobley. A link to this website was provided in the closure statement.

The domain expired in December 2005, but was re-registered by someone else in March 2006.

This website (the one you’re reading now) began in June 2003.

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