“Professor Marchant moved, and Mr D A Schierwater seconded, “That the premises known as Terra Nova, Birkdale, be purchased subject to the approval of the Ministry of Education.

The resolution was carried unanimously.”

Taken from the Minutes of a Special Meeting of the Committee of the Liverpool School for the Deaf held on Monday, 15 April, 1946 at 11am

“That, subject to approval by the Ministry of Education, September 1st, 1948 be the appointed day for opening the Birkdale School.”

Taken from the Minutes of a General Meeting of the Committee of the Liverpool School for the Deaf held on Wednesday, 25 June, 1947 at 2.30pm

[Due to unfinished building work, the School didn’t open until Saturday, 11 September, 1948]

The School as we know it at 40 Lancaster Road, Southport, was originally located at 54 Oxford Street, Liverpool, from 1839 till 1948.

It was registered in 1825 as the School for the Deaf and Dumb until the name changed in 1927 to Liverpool School for the Deaf.

When the School moved to Lancaster Road in 1948, the name changed to Liverpool School for the Partially Deaf (LSPD). Mr Denmark was the Principal at the time of transfer to Lancaster Road.

The Lancaster Road site was set up in 1904 as a private boarding school for boys, known as ‘Terra Nova’. It was taken over by the Central National Registration Office [CNRO] in 1939, and used throughout the Second World War as a Records Office.


Terra Nova was relocated to Cheshire during the war years, where they still remain. See their website here.

The school buildings were put up for sale after the war ended, and the Liverpool School for the Deaf put in an offer to purchase the site for £50,000. Although this was accepted by the vendor in 1946, it was another 2 years before the buildings were released by the CNRO. The Liverpool School for the Partially Deaf was officially opened by the Earl of Derby on Saturday, 11 September, 1948.

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1825School for the Deaf & Dumb established in Liverpool
1839Oxford Street, Liverpool, premises bought
1927Name changed to Liverpool School for the Deaf
1948Moved to Lancaster Road, Birkdale, Southport
– Name changed to Liverpool School for the Partially Deaf (LSPD)
1956Mr Denmark retired as Principal; Mr Furness took over
1957Parkfield at 16 Waterloo Road was bought for the Infant Department
1964Name changed to School for the Partially Hearing, Birkdale (SPHB)
1973Junior School building opened
1976Mr Furness retired after 20 years as Principal; Miss Clark took over
– New Senior School building opened
1986Miss Clark took early retirement; Mrs Tomkinson became new Principal
– Name changed to Birkdale School for Hearing Impaired Children
1988A newsletter for ex-pupils/staff began being produced and circulated
1989HRH Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, visited the School in September
1991Mrs Tomkinson retired as Principal in December
1992Mr Loxham took over in January
1993Parkfield closed in July
– Number 14, Waterloo Road became hostel for FE Department
1995Mr Loxham resigned at Easter; Mr Martin became Principal in September
1997The School goes online with its own pages on the Internet
1998The School celebrated 50 years in Birkdale
2000Mr Martin left due to ill health and Mrs Wood became Principal
2003School closed for good on 23 July
2004School sold for re-development; grant-making trust formed
2005Website domain bshic.co.uk expired in December
2010Major fire breaks out in main building – 1/4 section demolished
2018Re-development plans approved by Sefton Council
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