July 2005

Farewell Mrs Mac
We were sad to learn Mrs Flora McKenzie died on June 25 in a Southport nursing home. She worked as a housekeeper/nurse, and will be remembered for looking after the pupils in the school clinic.

The funeral of Mrs McKenzie (affectionately known to many as Mrs Mac) took place on July 11 at Southport Crematorium. The service was attended by Fiona, her daughter, and friends from Cambridge Gardens where Mrs McKenzie lived for a while as well as former colleagues from the school.

Several ex-members of staff were at the service, including Mr Birkby, Mr & Mrs Furness, Mr & Mrs Fyles, Mr & Mrs Henderson, Mr & Mrs Loxham and Mrs Rothwell.

Mr Henderson said a few words about Mrs McKenzie’s time at the school, and mentioned Fiona, who was only a little girl when Mrs Mac lived at the school.

Wedding Bells for Danielle
Danielle Coppell has been in touch to tell everyone she has a son called Harvey, who is 16 months old, and also that she is getting married on August 20 this year. Danielle says she is looking forward to it!

Danielle is studying to become a Mental Health Nurse at Salford University for 3 years. We wish her good luck! 🙂

Kate’s Little Boy
Congratulations to Kate Kitchingman on the birth of her little boy, Ryan Stanley Cooper. He was born on May 27 at 1.46am weighing 7lb 5½oz.

School Damage
There were reports of two fire engines being at the main entrance of the school on the evening of May 10.

It appears several windows were smashed, including the entry to the tunnel leading to the gym. The windows, and a door outside the Art Room, have been boarded up. There has been some internal damage too, such as inside the Audiology Room where the two-way glass partition was shattered.

It’s clear the property has had unwelcome visitors. This is the first time any major trouble has occurred at the school since it closed.

School Website No More
There is now no website located at the address of www.bshic.co.uk, although the domain name is active until December this year. Anyone going to that address will see a blank page with the words: “No web site is configured at this address”.

Another chapter in the history of the school has closed.

Baby Girl for Samantha
Samantha Samuels (nee Peel) gave birth to her third child, a bouncy baby girl born on March 18. Her name is Emma Ffion, and she weighed 7lb 14oz. Little Emma was born at 11.21am at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

Samantha now has three children, and has been married for 7 years. She says her wedding anniversary was on April 18, and she still lives in Wrexham.

Congratulations on the birth of Emma Ffion! 🙂

Say No to Spam!
The Guestbook on our website is popular amongst former pupils and staff, but we have had visits from spambots trying to advertise strange things such as drugs on other websites. These are not real people posting messages. There was a point in June when there were several postings from these spambots in a day. They were removed, but as this was done others kept appearing!

We took down the Guestbook temporarily to sort out these problems, and some coding was changed to try prevent this sort of spam happening again. It seems to have worked, although we still very occasionally get a human spammer posting, and these have been dealt with too.

If you see any message on the Guestbook that looks unsuitable, please let know us know in and the matter will be dealt with as soon as possible.

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