Reunion 2008

talbot-hotelFor several years a reunion has been held every two years at various hotels in Southport. Most of them have been very successful. One or two have been fairly low attended, but still supportive.

This year, on May 24th a reunion was held at the Talbot Hotel in Southport, but unfortunately, this was not successful. Only 50 ex-pupils attended, which meant the buffet and DJ had to be cancelled. Ticket money was refunded.

At the event I asked if there was a reason for the low attendance. Some of the points raised are as follows:

Q – The School is closed so the reunion is discontinued.
A – This is not so. The closure does not affect the reunions.

Q – Not advertised.
A – We are on the internet and were on teletext. Should we have done more?

Q – Having reunions in May not popular anymore.
A – Late June and mid September is now being considered.

These were some of the main reasons given and greatly appreciated. To enable us to make future reunions successful again, any feedback is welcomed by email to

The next reunion is scheduled for the year 2010, but due to the previous event being a disappointment, it will now be brought forward to next year, 2009, pending hotel availability and feedback from yourselves. An announcement of the date will be made in due course on the website..

Due to Dorothy Caven resigning from the Committee, a vacancy is now open for volunteers. Dorothy has worked hard over the years and will be missed.

I hope this statement will give a clear understanding of what we are trying to achieve.

Billy Lamont
Chairman, Birkdale Reunion Association

July 2008

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