November 2006

Baby Girl For Victoria
Congratulations to Victoria Haynes (nee Sefton) on the birth of her baby girl. She was born in June.

Miss Clark Visits UK
m-clarkAccording to the Summer issue of the DELTA newsletter, Miss Clark was in the UK at the end of April to give a talk to professionals and parents in Salisbury.

Miss Clark continues to travel between more than 12 countries including Turkey, Singapore, Canada, South Africa and Ecuador. In those countries, she has helped to set up schools and centres for those who wish to use the natural aural approach with their deaf children.

In the Autumn issue of the same newsletter, it’s reported that at the A.G. Bell Convention held in Pittsburgh in June, Miss Clark was presented with a special award recognising her contribution to deaf education throughout the world.

Maryam Goes on BSL Course
Maryam Kamel had an interview at Kensington College in London in September. She was accepted to do a BSL course from September 27 for 10 weeks.

Top ‘100 Honeys’ Girl
Louise Isles was picked as a top ‘100 Honeys’ girl in FHM magazine! She wanted lots of people to vote for her to get through to the next top 10. Through e-mail, text messages and IM, Louise got her friends to vote for her. It was all to help her make her modelling dream come true!

Autobiography From Michael
Michael Hoggart is writing an autobiography, and he would like people to give him ideas or stories they remember about him so that he can add it to the book. Email Michael at

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