March 2005

Mr Furness Celebrates 90th Birthday
We have heard the news that former Principal Mr John Furness celebrated his 90th Birthday on 19 March with family and a few friends. Happy Birthday to Mr Furness, and congratulations on reaching such a milestone!

Mr Henderson says Miss Clark was at the celebration, and is still travelling between 12 different countries where the Birkdale philosophy continues.

Wedding Bells
Paul Ashworth has announced he is marrying his girlfriend Zoe Wilson on 17 September this year. He says he’s looking forward to getting married. Congratulations to Paul and Zoe!

Alison Slack has signed our Guestbook telling us the great news that she married Simon Miller on July 10 last year. She says it was brilliant, and the best day of her life!

Reggie Cobb and his wife Yvonne are both involved in a new organisation for Children of Deaf Parents. It was launched at the end of January, and has been set up to support deaf parents of hearing children.

There was a big Launch Party on 29 January where the new logo, designed by Ilaria Rosso of Kensington and Chelsea College, was revealed by the Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP.

Reggie is currently Chairperson of this new group.

More details about CODPUK can be found on their website –

From Germany With Love
Robert Kennedy is moving to Germany at the end of June with his partner as he is from there. They are moving to a place in southern Germany near Munich called Neuburg close to the River Donau. Robert says they have bought a house there and he is looking foward to it!

Birkdale Trust in Visiter
The December 10 edition of the Southport Visiter had a short article about the newly formed Birkdale Trust for Hearing Impaired Ltd. The article said the Trust had been set up with proceeds from the sale of the school, which apparently was to the tune of £3.2 million!

According to the Visiter, the Trust will be offering £100,000 in grants to individuals, families and community groups each year. Trustee Denis Hobley is quoted as saying: “The grants will primarily be for equipment like hearing-aids or anything to help further a child’s education, like special tuition. We will keep investing so the funds will grow. We will be able to help a lot of children in the long term.”

Reunion 2006
The next Reunion is already being planned by the Committee. It will be taking place at the Shelbourne Hotel in Southport in May 2006. Watch the website for more details!

School Website No More
The School website – – no longer exists, but the address will take you to Interactive Dimension, the company who designed the School site. The domain is actually registered until December 2005; after this time, the address will not exist again.

30 Years Hard Grind to Fine Arts
Michael Fahey has been in touch to say he has finished work after thirty years hard grind. He is now attending the University of Central Lancashire doing his BA Fine Arts.

Good luck with your Uni course!

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