Leavers’ Exam Results Strips

Some of you may remember the leavers’ exam results being put up on the wall by the fish tank. Before the school closed Mr Henderson collected those that were in good condition and cut them up into strips. At the Reunion in 2004 and for a few years after that, he gave them out to ex-pupils who he met.

Mr Henderson made a list of the ones he had left and ex-pupils were invited to claim their copy if their name was on the list. The following is a record of who claimed their exam results strip up to December 2009. [This info is being provided for archive purposes.]

92 names – 22 claimed [as of 10/12/09]
Names not listed either given out already or not available
Names striked out have been claimed
List is complete – no earlier/later years available

Mark Bollard
Jeffrey Bradley
Harrison Hayton
Karen Jones
Geoffrey Lamb
Hilary Lewis
Lesley Morgan
Karen Mummery
Brian Quinn
John Ripley
Stephen Smith
Christopher Stalker
Dionne Varley

Stephen Field
Susan Heesom
Glenys Hughes
Sharon Payne
Anthony Prescott

Monish Luthra
Kenneth Winder

Peter Baker
Alison Clark
Darren Halstead
David Jacobs
Karl Jameson
Angela Pritchard
Adrian Roberts
Sarah Wilson

Reggie Cobb
Howard Kallman
Lucy Riding
Lee Thomas

Kerry Butcher
David Clucas
Jennifer Green
Tracey Gregson
Julie Lackey
Mark Nield
Anthony Quigley
James Pearson
Christopher Watson
Mark Whitton
Ian Wynne
Graham Yates

Debbie Bailiff
Stewart Boan
David Brazenall
Carolyn Brown
Jonathan Clothier
Andrew Harvey
Pippa Harvey
Carolyn Hewitt
Gary Hull
Ian Jackson
Anthony McGivern
Jill Morriss
Sandra Pover
Trevor Price
Martin Smith

Kevin Abbott
Jason Archer
Christine Baker
Graham Berry
Scott Brown
Tony Collins
Tracey Martin
Nigel Martin
Joanne Murphy
Clare Skorupinska
Jonathan Slack
Melanie Wilson
Zoe Wray

Emma Barrett
Alan Hayhurst
David Larkey
Corrie Lunney
Darren Palmer
Samantha Peel

Helen Eames
Debbie Harvey
Emma Hillsley
Lisa Houghton
Paul Langdon
Daniel Ling
Joanthan Lloyd
Lisa Morley
Robin Mowat
Alasdair Pattison
Robert Pattison
Suzanne Skitt
Lindsey Stretch
Sarah Wylde

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