6 September 2018

Following on from news reported earlier this year, this page seems to indicate work is underway for the construction of a new £16m development on the site of our old school, judging by artwork seen at the top of that page.

According to the article, the new development will provide accommodation for over 100 people and will feature a 74-bed village, divided into six households, providing 24-hour care and nursing support. In addition, the village will offer 30 one and two bedroom independent living apartments, together with a range of facilities open to the public, including a bistro, hair salon, exercise studio and function rooms.

If this is relating to Octopus Healthcare’s proposals for the school, it may take time for construction work to actually begin as there is no visible activity on site at the moment.

UPDATE 18.10.18
It would appear the description given on Octopus Healthcare’s website may be referring to development taking place on Oxford Road where Sunshine House used to be.

Signage seen there refers to care village operator Belong and construction company Pochin who are both mentioned in the article.

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